Paul & Joyce Wuthier, Founding Pastors

Paul and Joyce Wuthier are the founding pastors at Living Water Church. They established the church in 1972 and dedicated their lives to serving God and His people. Paul passed away in December 2016.  Joyce’s son-in-law Ken, and daughter Amy, now pastor the church. 

Paul Wuthier - A Tribute

Paul Wuthier founded Living Water Church in 1972. Without formal religious education, Paul resigned his position at the University of Colorado Medical Center to become a full time pastor. One would have a hard time finding a parenting book or financial success plan which recommends quitting your good paying job with a young family, forgoing health insurance and other amenities for something much less certain. But, Paul was a man of courage, believing and trusting God.

One of the great passions of Paul Wuthier’s life was the church – not the buildings and chairs, but the people. Paul and Joyce hosted a small gathering of people in their home in Denver. Joyce banged away at the piano with some worship songs, followed by Paul who gave a talk about some parable of Jesus – what it meant to him and how Christ had the power to change lives. Some folks came and stayed; others were passing through. A young church was born. Paul loved God and Paul loved people. He was a servant to both.

In 2009, as a result of an accident, Paul stepped down as head pastor of LWC and served as an adviser and mentor. In so doing, Paul found another passion – a love for the community. Many times he would question a waiter or waitress about their day – how their shift was going, how the business was doing, often followed up with “I’m a retired pastor…. I love to pray for people. Can I pray for you about something?” Business acquaintances became friends. Grocery store clerks heard the Gospel – yet with a gentleness and tenderness of a father’s heart.

Paul had a love for Jesus, a love for his family, love for his church family, while also loving everyone he encountered on the street. He loved well. He lived well. He was a man at peace with the world and himself. On Dec. 16, 2016, Paul Wuthier left this world. Undoubtedly, he heard the words from Jesus Himself, saying “Welcome home, good and faithful servant.”